"He's more than a teacher"

LOCAL schools pupils are engaging with reading and writing through the help of The Albion Foundation's Inspire Coaches.

As well as delivering literacy intervention sessions, the coaches also prepare year six pupils for life in secondary school and aim to improve pupil relationships within schools.

Working in schools for the past seven years, the Inspire Coach impact has been clear for all to see.

"We've got specific needs in the school that we wanted to improve – writing, boys specifically," explained Guns Village Primary School Teacher Anna Bulow.

"It's been extremely beneficial, just to see how their attitudes to things like writing and reading and comprehensions have improved.

"The smiles on their faces, it's definitely the highlight of a lot of their days.

"They've absolutely loved it, it's been really successful."

An Inspire Coach for two years, David Moore revealed the planning that goes into having a positive impact in schools.

"We try to inspire and engage the children in any way we can.

"We do that by talking to the schools about what they'd like us to achieve whilst working there and we work with smaller groups of pupils but have a large impact on their educational journey."

To bring an Inspire Coach into your school or to find out more information, email

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