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Little Baggies triumph in derby

Albion take on Wolves as part of Kicks programme

THERE was derby day delight for the Baggies as The Albion Foundation triumphed over Wolves Community Trust in a Kicks tournament last Wednesday.

Albion beat Wolves 3-0 in the final of the competition, but football wasn't the main focus. 

It was the role of the Kicks programme that took centre stage, an inclusion project that aims to create safer and stronger communities in areas with high levels of youth crime and antisocial behaviour.

Founded by the Premier League and the Metropolitan Police, Kicks has been working with West Bromwich Albion to engage with young people that may be otherwise difficult to reach.

And before the final, both Wolves and Albion attendees took part in anti-knife crime workshop delivered by police officers to help explain the dangers of carrying a weapon and the laws behind it.

Kicks volunteer Mekhil Sterling thinks the balance between football and education has been attracting young people to the sessions.

"They all enjoy football, that's why they come here.

"But it's also important to deal with the stigma around police that a lot of kids have these days.

"Hopefully these sessions show that law enforcement is here to help, not to hinder.

"Combine that with a game of football and everyone has a great time whilst becoming better informed."