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Garlick gets a grilling!

Director of Football Administration meets with Junior Assembly

ALBION's Junior Assembly met at the Training Ground last week for their monthly review, but this was a meeting with a difference.

Director of Football Administration Richard Garlick was present to answer any queries the youngsters had about their beloved Baggies.

As part of The Albion Foundation, a group of 14-17 year old Albion fans meet every month to discuss the latest issues and how they think the Club can progress.

And this time out, Garlick was on hand to talk the Junior Assembly through any planned future initiatives, as well to deal with any questions about how the Club is currently being run.

To top it off, the meeting was completed with an in-depth tour of the Training Ground and its facilities.

David Moore, Inspire Coach, highlighted how open and enthusiastic Garlick had been.

"The group really appreciated Richard's honestly, he didn't pull any punches!

"They've come away with a real insight into the Club and how it operates.

"The evening was a great success and we're grateful to have a Senior Director give up their time for the Junior Assembly."