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MY ALBION: “I created the Claudio Yacob song”

Baggies fan from Stourbridge reveals all

WELCOME back to My Albion, the fans’ feature on

You all know the score by now. We are travelling the world to speak to our supporters to find out about their experiences of following the club.

We’ve covered a fair distance so far, stopping off in the USA, Australia, India and several countries in Europe.

But fear not, we aren’t ignoring Midland-based Albion fanatics. There have been stories from Great Barr and Sutton Coldfield, and this week we hear the tales of another local Baggie.

You can read Dave Miles’ story below…

Dave, thanks for taking part. Can you introduce yourself and tell us why you are an Albion fan please?

Dave Miles, I am 23-years-old and I live in Stourbridge. I am currently a researcher. I’ve been following the club for around 19 years. I was four when I asked my old man to take me to the football. I saw us beat Sheffield United 2-0 and he’s been telling me “I told you so” ever since. I only have myself to blame.

So that was your first game, but how often are you able to get down to The Hawthorns?

Not as often as I used to if I am being honest. It’s mostly when there is a season ticket going spare or if it’s a special occasion.

You managed to convince your girlfriend to come to a game with you recently though didn’t you?

I did yes. Her dad is actually a massive Villa fan but when she asked me to go to a game there was no chance that I was going to stand on the Holte End. That day worked out quite nicely because the Watford tickets were cheap and Villa were relegated after losing at Manchester United.

You follow the Baggies away from home a couple of times a season. Can you tell us a little bit more about that?

The infamous disco bus. Anything goes in the name of having a good time. Even Cyrille and Bomber joined us at the services on the way to Newcastle last season. Shout out to all the regulars and our newest member, little Jack Hunter.

Who was your Albion hero growing up as a young lad?

Superbob. He brought me some great memories, so I often try and buy him a pint when I see him down my local. He doesn’t live too far away. 

And the best goal you have seen us score live?

Robert Taylor. Crystal Palace at home in 2002. The rest is history.

You went to Aberystwyth University. Were there many Albion fans down there with you?

There weren’t many in all truth. I lived with two Albion fans though, as well as a Wolves fan thrown in for good measure. We used to help him with his homework.

Have you got any interesting stories from your time following us?

The most suitable for print is the creation of the Claudio Yacob song at Spurs away in 2012. It has formed part of a growing infatuation between our disco bus and the Argentine dreamboat midfielder. Claudio has even recorded video messages for friends which have then been played to them at their weddings. 

Which game are you most looking forward to next season?

Hull (if they are promoted) and Middlesbrough hold some fond memories. We all love a weekend by the sea so Bournemouth is another one to look forward to, just as long as it isn’t in the middle of December.

Just finally Dave, what does West Bromwich Albion mean to you?

If it wasn’t for the Albion I would be without some great mates. I would be lost without their doses of satisfaction and disappointment so for that I am begrudgingly thankful. Cheers, the Albion.