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BOWLER’S DELIVERY: It’s a numbers game

Stat’ll be the day

REGULAR readers will have already seen some details on the Download Albion project that will be getting underway in earnest this summer.

We’ve already updated you on just what we are going to do to present the Club’s vast collection of memorabilia in a previous column, so today, it’s the turn of the stats.

Hopefully, you won’t be surprised to learn that we’ve got a pretty ambitious plan in store, going back to first principles and the original match data for each game, be that from our minute books, league records or other sources. It will build into the most accurate database of Albion games that there’s ever been, and it will be available to all, online.

You’ll be able to search season by season, game by game, player by player, opponent by opponent. You could search for a list of Albion hat-trick scorers, red card offenders, record holders of every conceivable kind.

We won’t be stopping there though. Those individual match cards will then generate a raft of material that feed directly into individual player records, creating a comprehensive statistical story on each player who has ever worn the stripes.

These will form individual player wiki pages, where you will be able to access all the statistical data you could ever want, be it career overviews or match by match information.

Those wiki pages will then include links to specially conducted interviews with the player, links to our web stories with them, past programme articles etc.

It will also feature links or scans to interviews from those players in other media, be it magazines, audio, video.

So in short, sitting alongside all of the memorabilia in the museum section, we will be building a living, breathing archive section that will continue to grow game by game, week by week, increasing in scope and size all the time.

It will build into the most comprehensive team and player archive in football.

But enough of my yakking. There’s work to do.