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ALBION NEWS: Fletcher, 12 months on

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IN a not-to-be-missed interview, Darren Fletcher lifts the lid on his first 12 months at Albion; speaking about his career, illness and times at Manchester United - while looking forward to what we can achieve at The Hawthorns.

Speaking exclusively in Saturday's Albion News, Fletcher's comments will resonate with all supporters. 


Within Fletcher runs a romantic streak too, for he knows as well as anyone that’s ever played the game that in the end, it’s about leaving your mark, writing in your name in the history books, getting your photo on the wall of the stadium and staying there forever, joining the glistening line that links the likes of Billy Bassett, Jesse Pennington, Tommy Glidden, the great Ray Barlow, Jeff Astle, Tony Brown and Cyrille Regis. 
You don’t do that by setting your targets low. A ferocious leader who came to us from the most successful English club of all time, I made the point to Darren that men like him and Jonny Evans didn’t come here to finish 17th. The snort of derision that the very idea that 17th would ever be enough was answer enough…
“I think that’s a very dangerous mindset, to flirt with relegation and set your target as being just a place above it. It’s a very competitive league and that’s leaving you no margin for error. Your focus should be finishing as high up the league as possible, going into every game with a way to win it, and putting no ceiling, no limits on yourself and what you might achieve. 
“You need to progress year after year and having that mentality around the place is absolutely crucial. With that, then hopefully you don’t find yourself in a scary position in the league and you can start to dream a little bit and who knows what can happen?”


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