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Merry Christmas from ALL at Albion!

The Stripes go marching into the festive period…

ALBION gathered together representatives of all 44 of the club’s teams to wish our fans a Merry Christmas from EVERYONE at The Hawthorns.

2016 has seen the club’s teams – from disability football to the women’s team and basketball – all adopt the West Bromwich Albion name. 

Until now, many of the teams have played under the Sporting Club Albion banner, which has been dissolved in an effort to unite the club as One Albion.

Merry Christmas to all of our fans across the globe.

Below is a list of everyone included in this unique festive photograph.

Back row: Charlie Buck, Dan Brown, Tiernan Clarke, Poppy Harvey, Oscar Lewandowski, Fatsoh Tozaki, Mike Adedeji, Callum Haughton, Bradley Abrahams, Lauran Saa, Darnell Stewart, Daniel Rees, Mo Ahmed.

Third row: Rico Richards, Sophie Phillips, George Harmon, Ellie Vernon, Max Melbourne, Abby Bevan, Darren Fletcher, Kelly Darby, Jack Fitzwater, Gemma Lawley, Danny Coogan, Lucy Newell, Caleb Taylor.

Second row: Sam Short, Michael Notice, Steven Hull, Ben O’Brien, Dan Mayne, Fenton Heard, Rio Parmar, Archie Kirton, Cole Deeming, Kit Smith, Steven Stokes, Ryan Kavanagh, Caroline Cooper. 

Front row: Amy Wharton, Joe Bull, Zac Walwyn, Jack McNaughton, Dave Lewis.

Who’s who?

Bradley Abrahams (Men’s U18 basketball)
Mike Adedeji (Men’s basketball)
Mo Ahmed (Blind)
Abby Bevan (Women’s football development team)
Dan Brown (PAN Juniors)
Joe Bull (Powerchair Baggies)
Charlie Buck (Deaf girls)
Tiernan Clarke (Boys U14 basketball)
Danny Coogan (Boys U15 football)
Caroline Cooper (PAN Girls)
Kelly Darby (Women’s football first-team captain)
Cole Deeming (Boys U10 football)
Jack Fitzwater (Men’s football PL2 captain)
Darren Fletcher (Men’s football first-team captain)
George Harmon (Boys U16 football)
Poppy Harvey (Girls U14 bastketball)
Fenton Heard (Boys U12 football)
Callum Haughton (Men’s U19 basketball)
Steven Hull (PAN Boing)
Ryan Kavanagh (PAN Baggies)
Archie Kirton (Boys U11 football)
Gemma Lawley (Girls U14 captain)
Oscar Lewandowski (Boys 17 basketball)
Dave Lewis (Powerchair first-team)
Dan Mayne (PAN Strollers)
Jack McNaughton (Powerchair Dudley)
Max Melbourne (U18 captain)
Lucy Newell (Girls U10 captain)
Michael Notice (PAN Kings)
Ben O’Brien (PAN Stripes)
Rio Parmar (Boys U9 football)
Sophie Phillips (Girls U12 captain)
Daniel Rees (Deaf)
Rico Richards (Boys U13 football)
Lauran Saa (Women’s U18 basketball)
Sam Short (PAN Throstles)
Kit Smith (PAN Rondo)
Darnell Stewart (Boys U16 basketball)
Steven Stokes (PAN Gladiators)
Caleb Taylor (Boys U14 football)
Fatosh Tozaki (Women’s basketball)
Ellie Vernon (Girls U16 captain)
Zac Walwyn (Powerchair Stripes)
Amy Wharton (Powerchair Throstles)