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Albion News gets in tune for the new campaign

As we were preparing this season’s new look Albion News, we were thrown down a challenge, in the form of a quote from Henry Winter’s recent book, “Fifty Years Of Hurt”.


Railing against the “abomination” of the half and half scarf – wise words indeed – he added, “Programme are a more legitimate keep-sake at half the price and with none of the tradition-shredding tourist nature of the scarf of shame. Programmes should be promoted and preserved, especially those of the quality of West Brom’s that mix in-depth interviews, homages to club greats, touches of whimsy and innovative covers”.


“Right,” we thought. “Best crack on”. So here goes…


If he hadn’t been born 300 years too early, Shakespeare – William, not Craig – would doubtless have written, “If football be the food of love, play on”. As it was, he went for music instead of football in “Twelfth Night”, but at Albion News, we’ve decided to put him right this season by linking the beautiful game with some beautiful tunes.


Music has provided the inspiration for our new design this term, as you can see from the Fab Four who are pictured on our Everton cover for Saturday.


We’ve opened up with a shameless homage to Robert Freeman’s iconic photography that made The Beatles even cooler than they were.


But instead of John, Paul, George and Ringo, how about Ben, Sal, Craig and Darren?


In the months to come, Albion’s finest are already out there recreating some of the most iconic records sleeves of all-time, from day back in the day right up to the present time, so we hope you’ll enjoy their efforts this term. Just don’t expect a version of “Electric Ladyland” ok?


But we do promise, we are going to get somebody to be Aladdin Sane if it kills us…


So pick up your Albion News on Saturday. You know it makes sense.