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New Chairman John Williams addresses fans

"Our immediate focus is on the transfer window" - John Williams

When Jeremy Peace called me to discuss the opportunity, I was initially intrigued but by the end of the conversation very excited.

Having spent the last three very enjoyable, and I hope productive, years as chairman of the Professional Game Match Officials board, I'm ready to return to my first love, the cut and thrust of club football.

I'm acutely aware that to have the chance of being chairman of a second Premier League club is a great privilege and honour and I don't for a minute under-estimate the challenge.

Following in Jeremy's footsteps is not an easy task. He has piloted Albion through some choppy waters to see the Club become established and debt-free in the Premier League and that, I know from experience, is no mean achievement. 

I know the stability provided by good management and staff throughout the Club, coupled with the untapped potential, was important in Guochuan’s decision to invest. 

Likewise, I am very keen to work with existing staff. I have no intention of parking my tanks on anybody's lawn but hope to add value and the benefit of experience where I can. I will be fully focused on Albion, although my involvement will be more strategic than operational. 

The immediate focus is on our activity in the transfer window; quite frankly, everything else is peripheral.

Tony Pulis and Nick Hammond have told the board we are two or three players short, realistic targets have been identified and there are funds available. We need to get them over the line to ensure Tony has a competitive squad for what is going to be a challenging and demanding campaign.

From the outside looking in, I have to say how impressive the diligence has been in planning for the new season shown by both sides.

Now it is over to us: the staff, the players, the fans and all of our stakeholders to make things happen.

John Williams