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Ben bangs the drum for Everton

Foster looks forward to a Toffees thriller

 Ben Foster has called on Albion’s fans to pack out The Hawthorns on Saturday as the side look to build on the three points won at Selhurst Park. 

“It’s a funny one but I think the way the fixtures have worked out was ideal for us. On the opening day, everybody is just so super-excited that sometimes, being at home gets a bit too much.

“I think we took advantage of that at Palace. There were a few boos from the home crowd once we scored and, as the visitors, that is just so good to hear, it really helps you.

“Playing at home the second weekend, it’s still a real buzz to be having what is the first game of the season for a lot of the supporters, but because you’ve played a game, and especially having won it, it means there isn’t quite that same pressure there might have been.

“Hopefully it makes everything a bit more relaxed, you can go out and enjoy the game and play some good football as a result. If we do that, we can get the crowd going and hopefully have another good afternoon.

“It’s massively important that we get good support here and that the fans stick with the team because if we are going to have a successful season, you usually do a lot of your work at home. 

“We all know that Everton have got a load of good players and that they will be a proper test for us, but that should make for a really good game for the fans.

“I’m really looking forward to the game and to getting out and playing at The Hawthorns again”.