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Albion XI: "Selecting forwards has been hardest of all"

Who would make your favourite all-time Albion XI?

THURSDAYS can mean only one thing...well, aside from the fact it's almost the weekend - it's time for Albion XI!

Each week, you, the Baggies faithful, come from far and wide to shout from the rooftops and declare your favourite Albion XI of all time. Thus stirring the juices of discussion en route to away games and in the pubs of the land. 

So far we've had Blind Dave Heeley and Garry Astle select their Baggies dream team, and this week it's the turn of another Albion supporter who got in touch via social media.

His side sees the selection of six previously unnamed players, including a front three yet to make an appearance in Albion XI.  

So why waste any more time...

Name: Simon Bevin
Age: 28
From: West Bromwich
Interesting fact: Tommy Langford is my boxing coach/personal trainer

"I’ve gone for a system that seems pretty familiar at present - 4-3-3.
"I think this team offers a great balance between defending and attacking, with pace and plenty of goals.
"There have been some great players to grace the hallowed Hawthorns turf and it’s been an extremely difficult choice. I've gone for a blend of players from new to old(ish)."

Ben FosterWhat can I say about this beast - been outstanding for the Baggies since we signed him and a shoe-in for most Albion teams I reckon. Best of a generation by a mile.


Igor Balis – What else can you say about this man, just brilliant, and what nerves to tuck away that penalty.
Jonny EvansBeen outstanding since we signed him, so cool and calm under pressure, and a leader.
Darren 'Big Dave' Moore – Has to be in this team, sheer presence next to Evans.
Neil ClementWhat a left foot this man had, could put a ball on a 50 pence piece from a mile away. Great attitude.


James MorrisonWhat a player, plays simple football and can pick a pass. Personally think his work-rate goes under the radar, works hard every game and plays with passion.
Derek McInnesAnother leader in the team and made the team play with his passing ability. 
Darren Fletcher – What can I say about this man - leader of men is the best explanation I can think of! Fearless and a winner through and through. To go through what he has and come back the way he has is just testament to his attitude and mentality, a legend in every sense of the word.

Forwards (This has been the hardest of goes)

Super Kevin PhillipsGoals, goals and more goals - averaging one in two games, pretty much. What a striker and so clever as well!
Peter OdemwingiePeter gets the nod over Romelu Lukaku as he was our player. Pace and ability in abundance, topped off with an ability to finish and who can forget 'THAT' hat-trick. 
Saido BerahinoPersonally I think this lad has what it takes to go right to the top. Movement and ability is brilliant and boy can he finish.

Subs (It’s been hard to leave some of these players out...)

Thomas GaardsoeLoved watching him, always solid and could play as well.
Chris BruntVery difficult to leave him out of the starting 11, what a player he has been for the Baggies.
Richard Sneekes – One of my all-time favourite players, seemed ahead of his time when he joined the Baggies and, wow, could he strike a ball!
Super Bob Taylor – Again, so hard to leave this man out but, with the ability up top, unfortunately a place on the bench for the legend that is Super Bob.
Romelu Lukaku  - So raw when he came to the Baggies and what a year he had, top goalscorer in a season in the Premier League era. Going on from strength to strength.

Think your dream team is better? Would you go with a 4-3-3? Would you have a different midfield blend? Would Lukaku have to start?

Stay tuned for the favourite Albion XI of another Baggies supporter next week, it could be yours...

Come On You Baggies!