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Find out what's on offer in 'Albion News'

Get your hands on a copy of 'Albion News' tomorrow

WE return to The Hawthorns tomorrow as the Barclays Premier League resumes and there waiting for you, like a guiding candle in the window, will be the Albion News. 

As the season gets going in earnest following the closure of the transfer window, Chris Brunt plots an upwards trajectory for the club on the field, while new Director of Communications Martin Swain does likewise off it. 

Alan Irvine looks forward to Saturday's clash with the Toffees and His Holiness Tony Brown concludes his conversation with his first-ever youth coach, Frank Hodgetts, and contributes a column reflecting on the season's openers - it's all about work-rate with Bomber.

We find our mazy way from Joleon Lescott to John Wile in six easy stages and visit a parallel universe in which, thanks to faulty wi-fi, Somen Tchoyi won us the cup – don’t pretend you haven't had that dream as well! 

We look back at the genesis of the great cup team of the 1960s, explain why the current transfer window system would have stopped us finding the great Derek Statham, see the moment when Don Howe invented ebay and luxuriate in a cover picture of John Kaye dishing out the bonecruncher.

If that's not enough for your three quid, we can only conclude that some people are never satisfied.