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Albion youngsters primed for action

Youngsters continuing to impress

ALAN Irvine believes Albion's youngsters are ready to showcase their talents in the Football League - after 90 scouts applied for the Under-21s fixture against Villa.

The Baggies claimed a 4-1 win against their neighbours, with Adil Nabi scoring a hat-trick and Kemar Roofe also performing well.

Donervorn Daniels is already out on loan, currently playing for Championship side Blackpool.

Irvine has yet to make up his mind which players will be granted loan moves away from The Hawthorns - yesterday's U21s performance will certainly give him food for thought - but feels it would benefit some players.

"In the case of some of the young lads they may well go out on loan but we will see, other clubs have to come asking first and it has got to be the right thing for them to do as well," said the Albion head coach.

"There are some lads who are ready for league football. Liam O'Neil has obviously shown how well he can cope.

"With the performance he had against Hull you are thinking 'You have done enough to be in and around the squad'.

"He would be a difficult one, whether or not we want Liam O'Neil to go out on loan or not - that's another matter.

"It's looking at the individual circumstances for each of the lads.

"Kemar Roofe needs to be playing beyond Under-21 level, so does Adil Nabi, so does Bradley Garmston.

"We can't make that happen, it takes another club to phone us and say 'Can we have such and such a player on loan?' and then we will assess the situation. 

"In Donervorn Daniels case a Championship club phoned up wanting him on loan. 'Is he going to play? Yes, great. You can have him on loan, how long do you want him for?'

"That's been done through to January which is great, if it had been a League Two club we would probably have said you can have him for a month and then we'll review it at that stage."