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Albion offer value for money

Baggies continue to lead the way

ALBION continue to offer value for money, according to a survey released today.

The BBC Sport Price of Football study of how much it costs to watch football - including the purchase of tickets, programmes and pies - underlines our commitment to making the matchday experience as affordable as possible.

BBC Radio 5 Live picked out Albion this morning for a primetime interview on the Nicky Campbell Show, with Chief Executive Mark Jenkins talking about the Club's determination to always be mindful of the challenging economic circumstances facing many supporters.

Despite this, the Club are determined to keeping growing our fan base as part of our long-term strategy, 

Chairman Jeremy Peace said: “The results confirm the Club’s determination to provide the best possible value for money for our supporters at a time when we remain only too aware of the challenging economic conditions.

“We have heard the argument advanced that we should raise prices and be prepared to lose fans in the calculated knowledge that revenues would still most likely increase.

“But we are trying to grow our supporter base and not shrink it. This is a ‘slow-burn’ process and we continue to review an increase in stadium capacity as we seek to improve revenues in the long term.”