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Read YOUR tributes to Bomber

Baggies fans salute Tony Brown in mass

ALBION fans, we must take this moment to tip our virtual, online hat!

Earlier this week we called upon you to get involved in 'Bomber Week' by sending us YOUR own tributes to Tony Brown ahead of the unveiling of his statue at The Hawthorns tomorrow.

You certainly haven't disappointed, replying to the call in your hundreds. We, in the media room at Albion HQ, have read each and every single one of them.

And we felt it only right to share below on our official website a selected few for everyone to read - please accept our sincerest apologies if we haven't plucked your message from the masses. 

Before we get started, please continue to send in your Tony Brown memories or favourite moments and make sure you use the hashtag #4BomberBrown when using social media!

So without any more ado, here's what you - the Baggies faithful - had to say....

My all time albion legend. I will always remember his goal at oldham. I was directly behind in the away end. My heart was in my mouth when he brought the ball under control and then blasted it into the back of the net. What a loyal Baggie!
by Robert

I wonder if Tony Bomber Brown was playing in today's premiership what value would we put on such an icon and a true gentleman? 0.38 goals per game ratio! better that any current midfielder including Lampard and Gerrard! Who would start the bidding at Priceless!! Tony you are a true Baggies Legend enjoy your special week you deserve it Boing Boing!
by Olly Roberts

One of my favourite memories as a young lad was the bomber smacking one in against utd on that famous xmas win at old Trafford in 78i I'm glad that I witnessed that team with all those quality players congratulations Mr Tony bomber brown a great tribute from the club to a great servant of the club all my dad ever raved about was playing snooker with you when he was a lad at the throstles club back in the day a true legend and great man thanks
by Freddie Shermer

What a player, a true Albion Legend, we all took him into our hearts and he returned the favour.. There's only one bomber brown..
by Alan Steventon 

Congratulations Bomber. I wish I was older so I could've seen you play in the flesh. Thanks to DVD's & videos I've seen you score many goals and most of them are spectacular but my favourite has to be the controlled volley on the swerve into the top corner with your back to goal not sure who it's against.
by Darren Martin 

We went to the church when he married Irene there were a few of us kids and he signed my arm while having a photo taken and some of the players that were there also signed it. I will remember that day forever always loved to watch him play xxxxx
by Christine Evans 

As a wee lad on the terraces with my dad in the 70's my first true footballing hero. Not a bad choice looking back #smile
by Rob Holley

Lucky to have seen most of his games his home debut, all the cup finals, Oldham and his England game. Legend and a top man
by lloyd james munroe

The Tony Brown Story. Utterly absorbing. How can someone that good at football and worshipped by every WBA fan be so humble?
by Neil Skitt

#4bomberbrown My first football idol as a lad. Never had cause to regret that, Great player and great man.
by Steve Blake

#4BomberBrown never had the privilege to see him play but had a photo with him back when we won the C'ship in 08! #wbalegend
by Tom

Tony Brown is not just an albion great but one of footballs great players. One of those players people wanted to watch whoever they supported. Thank you bomber.
by Keith Rowley

A true Albion ledgend, watched many games and saw many goals scored by Bomber. Thanks for the memories and have a great day Thursday
by Mick Pearson

One vivid memory I have of the great Tony Brown came in the early 70,s when he scored all 4 in a 4 , 1 away victory at Forest . Another is the way he took penalties . I can't remember him ever missing one . Smashed it like a rocket into the middle of the goal . Above all though he is a true gentleman . I have been lucky enough to meet Tony on a couple of occasions around Walsall , and he was kind enough to take the time to talk to me about the Albion , past and present , when I'm sure he must have had better things to be doing . A true legend who has given so many of us so much pleasure over the years . I can think of nobody more deserving of a statue . Congratulations Bomber , and thanks for all of the great memories . We love you . Boing boing .
by Rob Milner 

First time I saw bomber was on a bus,I was 15 I was on the bus with a few mates, one of them said to me did I know who he was, I said no, he said its Tony brown he's just signed for us, if I'd have known what a legend he is, I'd have asked for his autograph.
by Bazraty

I guess I first attended a game in around 1967 or 68. Unlike some supporters I'm hopeless at recalling specific games and dates. The Oldham goal dosen't get enough showing when the media talk of great goals but the were many many more from Bomber. One feeling I do recall watching the Albion during those times is as a kid wishing we got a penalty, no matter what the current score was, I just loved to see Tony smash the ball into the back of the net. But Tony Brown is loved not only for his goals scored, that is just a reflection of his footballing skills. I just want to thank Tony for making my life more enjoyable and helping even now to maintain my interest in football as it gets increasingly difficult to find the sort of integrity that Tony played with and still has today. Thanks Tony!
by Dave Langston 

I wasn't there but I watched some of his goals, & read the records he set, & all his contributions to the club. Its a great honor & he surely deserves it. #Baggies4Ever. Congratulation #Bomeber , from Uganda.
by Cuthbert Amumpaire

The reason I Had a Perm as a kid .... But not alone eh' Bryan Robson !
by Sean Crumpton 

Tony Brown Mr Albion what a player you will never see another like him always gave 100% goals all over the place my favourite at Oldham to get us back into the First Division I was so happy that day. Thanks Tony for all the pleasure and enjoyment you have given me over the years and can still here the passion for the Baggies when you here him speek
by Christopher Smith

The goal at Hillsborough took it on the drop and volleyed it .WOW
by Andrew Hickey 

What can a mere mortal write about a legend? Enough said, I have a signed photo on my wall !! KING
by John West 

You were truly a great player Bomber, one of the best. A true professional, passionate and loyal to our beloved Baggies. I feel really lucky to be one of many who had the pleasure to watch you play and score some memorable goals (1-0 win at Oldham that got us promoted being one). You will always be a legend and thoroughly deserve your statue. Congratulations Bomber.
by Lisa Baker 

I wish I followed WBA when you were around. Heard lots of good things about you and I wish I had of been apart of your era,
by Cooper Shalevski 

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