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Irvine: Olsson can play until he's 40

Olsson tipped to extend playing career

JONAS Olsson is more than capable of continuing his career well into the next decade, according to head coach Alan Irvine.

The Sweden international has found himself sidelined of late with an Achilles' tendon injury.

Before that Olsson had lost his place in Irvine's XI.

But, while Olsson turns 32 next birthday, Irvine feels the player has a lot more to offer.

The Albion boss has drawn comparisons with former Everton defender David Weir, who played on into his early 40s.

"He is a really good trainer," said Irvine of Olsson.

"I think that centre backs can play until a really good age. I worked with David Weir who played until he was 40.

"I don't see a reason why Jonas Olsson can't play until he's 40 because as a mature experienced centre back you improve in terms of your positional sense even though you may lose a little bit of that explosive power you might have had
as a younger player. 

"If he wants to continue I don't see any reason why he couldn't keep on doing that.

"He's certainly a player I think has a big part to play. I think time will show that is possible."