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Hodgson: Brown is one of the 'greats'

Three Lions boss hails Tony 'Bomber' Brown

ENGLAND manager Roy Hodgson kicks-off the tributes to Tony Brown today with a simple but unequivocal truth: He is one of the 'greats'.

Hodgson was disappointed to forego an invitation to speak at Thursday’s marquee event as it clashed with his FA duties and the naming of his forthcoming England squad.

But he wasted no time dispatching a message to The Hawthorns that makes it clear just how highly he regards the Albion legend being honoured this week.

Hodgson and Brown struck up a personal relationship during the national team boss’s 15 months in charge at The Hawthorns. 

And he tells us: 

"Tony was one of those players that, whatever your team, you looked forward to seeing play. People talk about Paul Scholes being a great midfielder of his time, and that is true, but Tony Brown is in that category of player. 

"His goalscoring record from midfield was exceptional and he played in some of the great sides of the '60s and '70s.

"One of the joys of being the West Bromwich Albion manager was seeing Tony after each game. He was always fair and honest in his appraisals, but that shouldn't surprise anyone, as he knows the game as well as anyone.

"He is a Throstle and always will be. A statue is the least he deserves, and I know the people of West Bromwich will cherish this wonderful tribute to one of their greats."