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Fan Zone: Your views

Fan Zone: Your comments

ALBION fans, we have been inundated with comments since we announced our intention to introduce a Fan Zone next season.

We would like to thank each and every one of you for your feedback and, although we haven't reproduced each comment, we have certainly taken each one on board.

Here is a selection of comments from the Albion Wall and our social media platforms.

"First of all great to see the club looking to create a Fan Zone. The obvious points would be to ensure there is protection from the weather, and ideally heaters in the winter. A large TV screen showing any live football or/and a facility for live music is also a positive one, with an emphasis on giving local groups an opportunity. Would also suggest the sale of beer, even if just bottles and cans, though having beer on draught and hand-pull would be even better, and hot drinks and soft drinks so all are catered for. As well as opening pre-match, would also suggest the area be open for maybe an hour after the weekend games to allow supporters who wish to allow the traffic to clear or avoid the large queues for the trains and trams. Another money maker would be to have an Indian buffet type of option as well as the usual food that's sold in the ground."
by Tim Joyner

"This is a great chance for the Baggies to create something to be proud of, the success of the Fan Zone will be down to some factors: 1. don't underestimate the capacity that will be needed, we can't have fans saying 'you can't get I'm not going up again'. 2. the pricing structure needs to be better, fans are not going to pay £4 for bottles of beer week in week out. 3. the Fan Zone needs to be high in quality that will reflect the club's great history and traditions. Fans and everyone associated all want the club to improve on and off the field and this is another step in the right direction.... Boing boing."
by Neil Sherwood 

"Manchester City have a brilliant Fan Zone which includes a variety of quality food outlets, bars, lots of open space, multiple big screens, covered areas, for when it's raining and also large heated areas during the winter months to encourage people to come outside even when cold and wet. Finally, the best thing about the Fan Zone is that they have a stage area with local musicians on before and after games. I would suggest going to Manchester to do some research on what they do - their fan zone looks quality, with some serious money spent on it. Please do the same. Build it and they will come!"
by KieranHollis

"Have been thinking and like others have said it would be great to see a small covered area where we can invite local musicians to come and sing pre/post match. Very similar to 'The Stage at Forum Live' LG Arena. As well as The Vine/Sportsman pop up stall/tent I would like to see us hold street markets pre or post match similar to the monthly Moseley Farmers Market. They sell fresh produce, crafts and gifts."
by BoingBoing86

"When down at Bournemouth, they had big old photos on the wall along one side of the ground, would love to see some oldies of my beloved Baggies displayed as big as possible!"
 by John Wright 

"Ideas for Fan Zone: 1. Shirt printing facility. 2. Live feeds to pre-match warm-ups etc. 3. Players not in match-day squad to mingle. 4. Lots of food/drink variety. 5. Penalty shoot-out game for kids (against a proper keeper?). 6. Chance to win seat in a box for the game.  7. Photo booth; 8. Pipe in pre-match announcements."
by JohnnyWard88 

"Matchday venue for fans to meet for a pint needed for definite. Had heard rumours of a coffee shop chain taking it over. Matchday venue plus in the week it can be used for supporters meetings as nothing has ever been done to replace the Throstle club as that was a place for us to meet managers, players and former players." 
by Richard Downing

"As the coffee shop is here to stay, it would be great to see some of our history in there. In the Fan Zone, I'd like to see the following, which I'm assuming will be around the car park area: 1. Real ale, such as Bathams being made available, just as long as it's from an independent brewery that would be fine. 2. At Man City they have a band stand with live music, which can be played in the ground, but also used for former player interviews. 3. At Worcester Warriors I have seen an EA sports wagon with play stations where kids can play Fifa or other games on the big screens. 4. Food, something similar to Edgbaston - you have curries to pie & mash along with burgers etc, whatever is on offer it has to be different from inside the stadium. 5. Canopies that fans can stand under when the weather is bad. 6: A kids' football zone, where they can take shots at a target. 7. Another store of some description, maybe an Adidas specific store, again something different to what is already at the stadium. 8. Big screen showing whatever the live match is on that day (or 6nations match etc)
by Spiro Marcetic 

"Superb idea - there are no 'child friendly' places anywhere round the area for the family to appreciate - excellent."

Great idea. Look forward to seeing it completed. 

This was just a selection of comments made. We would like to thank all supporters for their contributions.