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e-book recalls cup win in 1968

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It’s very nearly half a century since England was basking in the radiance of that fabled “Summer of Love”, a summer that had arrived full blown and fully formed on the first day of June 1967 when The Beatles unleashed “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” on an unsuspecting world and instantly transformed an England of drab, post-war austere monotony into psychedelic technicolour.

Suddenly, the future had arrived, a future that the nation had been gasping for ever since Hitler found himself trapped in the bunker – not even Rory McIlroy equipped with a sand wedge was ever going to get him out of there. A new England was slowly emerging out of the late 1950s and early 1960s austerity that still prevailed, but modernity finally smacked us between the eyes in that incredible burst of colour on Peter Blake’s artfully conceived pop art record sleeve. Everything now had to be encased in dayglo, psychedelic colour.   

Except the cup winners. Clad in the purest white of the chaste at heart, Albion blazed a trail to Wembley Stadium and crowned the 1967/68 season by carrying off the FA Cup. This is their story.

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