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Albion agents fees

Period includes 1 Oct 2013 until 30 Sep 2014

WEST Bromwich Albion today revealed that the club had spent a little under £3.5m in agents fees during the last two transfer windows.

The figure represents a rise of about one third on the previous year’s outlay but it still means Albion are at the lower end of the Premier League ‘payments table.' 

Albion went into a summer of extensive transfer activity in 2014 which saw the club sign 11 new players and the higher aggregate pay-out to agents is directly linked to that activity.

Richard Garlick, Albion’s Director of Football Administration, said: “This increase is directly linked to the number of signings that the Club made in the summer, but it also reflects the increasing pressure of player wage inflation in the Premier League. 

“Unfortunately, that is the cost of doing business in the Premier League these days. 

“However, the Club has worked hard to keep agent fee spending in check whilst at the same time retaining our ability to compete successfully in the transfer market.”

The total amount paid to agents in the period 1 October 2013 to 30 September 2014 was £3,493,745.13.

The amount shown is the aggregate of all payments made to agents during the reporting period for agency activity, including payments made by the club on behalf of players. In the preceding year, the total paid to agents by Albion was £2,211,054.

In all, Premier League clubs paid out a total of £115,261,136m.

The biggest aggregate totals were paid out by Chelsea (£16,771,328m), followed by Liverpool (£14,308,444m) and Manchester City (£12,811,946m).

The smallest was logged by newly-promoted Burnley, who paid out £711,024.