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Baggies go back to school in Kenya

Foundation workers help improve facilities in Nakuru

THE Albion Foundation last week returned from a working trip to Kenya where they helped improve facilities at two schools in Nakuru.

The 21-strong group of the charity’s staff and Baggies supporters built a new classroom at one school and laid concrete floors and decorated rooms in another.

The Foundation’s Business Development Manager, Jon Ross, said: “I think I can speak for everyone when I say this was truly a life-changing experience and something that none of us will ever forget. 

“Some of these kids literally had nothing but they still had a smile on their faces. 

“It has had such an effect on us that we are now looking at making it an annual trip.”

Albion supporter, Rob Davies, added: “Just seeing the kids’ faces when we arrived was incredible, I just wanted to make a difference.

“I hope that the new classroom will make a huge difference to the school and I can’t wait to see some photos of it in use.” 

The charity spent a total of eight days working on two separate projects across Nakuru.

The party split into two groups for their four-day challenges working at ‘Love For All’ School and Ronaken School. 

Eleven off them headed for ‘Love For All’, where they constructed a classroom - which on average would normally take ten days to build - to help alleviate overcrowding at the school.

The remaining members visited Ronaken, where they re-laid a concrete floor in a classroom, painted several other classrooms – and in between took turns teaching classes. 

This proved to be quite an eye opener for the group when they realised the equipment the children were using during lessons. 

And donations of pencils, pens, notepads bags and shoes, along with Albion clothing, were distributed to the ecstatic pupils, who did not stop smiling the entire time the teams were there.