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Albion News: The Fab Four's drummer boy

When Albion met Ringo

AMONG this week’s goodies in Albion News, Tony Brown starts a series of conversations with Albion colleague John Wile. 

Here’s a little taster...

JW: The directors of the time were great. There was Jim Gaunt, Bert Millichip, John Gordon, who ended up being Laurie Cunningham’s agent - no conflict there! - and Tom Silk.
TB: John Gordon was an entrepreneur, he owned the Adelphi, the dance hall in West Bromwich. They used to have big names there. The Beatles played there, I saw Tom Jones there.
JW: We were coming back from a trip somewhere once and we were coming through Heathrow in the VIP area, and Ringo Starr was there.  Johnny Gordon said, 'I’ll go across and have a word, I booked them at the Adelphi once'...So he went over and said, 'Hello Ringo, I’m John Gordon.' And you could see Ringo saying, 'Who the hell are you?'
TB: We were all watching and we saw Ringo say to one of his minders, 'Get rid of him!'  And they led him away. We were in hysterics.

The full interview will be in the Boxing Day edition of Albion News. You know it makes sense.