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Foundation hosts anti-racism workshops

Charity partner educates youngsters during anti-racism seminars

THE Albion Foundation’s Kickz programme recently hosted three Rewind anti-racism workshops in an effort to educate youngsters.

Nearly 50 attendees of the club charity partner’s Kickz sessions took part in the events – which included a trip to The Hawthorns for the Swansea fixture. 

The teenagers were engaged in discussions regarding racism and extremism at seminars ran by diversity specialists Rewind.

Rewind were also present when 40 participants took part in the Rewind Kickz Cup. 

This was a superb event where attendees got actively involved in discussions while using the love of football to break down potential ethnic barriers. 

Prizes were given out to the winning team as well as the Golden Boot winner. 

“I have now built a positive relationship with the group and different young people have asked when we are going to hold more sessions as they found them interesting,” said Director of Rewind, Dave Allport.