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Albion News relives Old Trafford victory

Clarke, Olsson & 'Bomber' discuss historic win

WE return to our Sunday devotions this week, giving thanks for the miracle of Old Trafford through the medium of the Albion News, your handy guide to living a righteous, Albion kind of life. 

There is coverage aplenty from the undoing of United, such as an in depth match report, the bloodied Jonas Olsson's report from the front line and is that Tony Brown wiping a tear from his eye at such goings on on the 50th anniversary of his Albion debut? I rather think it is.

Away from the occasion of Moyes' misery, Boaz Myhill walks us, hand in glove, through his goalkeeping career in our main interview, sharing with us some of Welsh teammate Gareth Bale's unusual keep fit advice. 

Within our historic pages, we reflect on the teams of 1978/79 and the giants who opened Stoney Lane back in 1885/86 - actually, people were shorter then than they are now, but I've just renewed my poetic licence.

Paine Proffitt's artwork helps us tell the tale of an epic FA Cup victory over Nottingham Forest and we look back at a couple of good news days against the Arsenal via the programmes of the time.

Arsene Wenger's league leaders come under scrutiny in our analysis of what takes them tick - clue, it's a German watch - and Tony Brown waxes lyrical about the sublime Liam Brady.

You might catch a glimpse of yourself in "A Love Supreme" - don't tell the wife - while on A Final Note, you'll see a picture of Norman Heath in a pose taken up some 60 years later by David de Gea.

There's plenty more on show too, but if we haven't persuaded you to part with £3 yet, you're very hard to please.

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