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Top 10 Most Prolific Goalscorers

'The Tank' is at three

YESTERDAY we named Ronnie Allen fourth in our list of Albion’s all-time top ten greatest goalscorers.  

At three we have Derek Kevan – who scored 157 goals in 262 appearances for Albion between 1953-63.

Derek sadly passed away earlier this year, aged 77, but his goals will live on and his record speaks for itself.

Kevan was a goalscorer the like of which we will surely never see again. 

He did not score the most goals for the club, but the ones he did score came at such a phenomenal rate that even Tony Brown and Ronnie Allen trail in his wake.

Just as Jeff Astle will always be ‘The King’ to those who grew up in the 60s, to those who watched their football a decade earlier, Derek was simply ‘The Tank’.

At 11am tomorrow we will reveal our runner-up in the countdown of Albion’s top-ten greatest goalscorers.

10. Tommy Glidden
9. Bob Taylor
8. Joe Carter
7. Tony Brown
6. Fred Morris
5. Jeff Astle
4. Ronnie Allen
3. Derek Kevan
2. ?
1. ?

To qualify for the prestigious top ten, players must have scored at least 100 league goals for the Baggies.

We then sorted our list by goal ratio (goals scored divided by appearances).