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Foster backs founding fathers search

Albion No.1 supports FA's nationwide quest to find living descendants

THE Football Association has kicked off a nationwide search to find living descendants of the founding fathers of football and calls upon the public to come forward with information on the eight men that established the world’s most popular sport 150 years ago.

Hailing from across the country, surprisingly little is known about these trail-blazers who gathered together on October 26, 1863, in the Freemasons’ Tavern, London to draft the 13 original laws of association football.

From humble beginnings The FA, now in its 150th anniversary year, helps to support seven million people playing the game at grassroots level in this country, right the way through to the elite level of 24 England teams.

The Founding Fathers of football are:

1. Ebenezer Cobb Morley (1831-1924)
2. Arthur Pember (1835-1886)
3. Charles William Alcock (1842-1907)
4. Francis Maule Campbell (1843-1920)
5. John Forster Alcock (1841-1910)
6. Herbert Thomas Steward (1839-1915)
7. George Twizell Wawn (1840-1914)
8. James Turner

Living descendants that can be identified and located will be sent an invitation to a special ceremony at Wembley Stadium in October, where their ancestors will be honoured.

Ben Foster said: “Everyone who loves football owes a debt of thanks to the men who founded the game. I know people have been kicking a ball around for hundreds of years but what happened in 1863 was crucial for the game developing as we know it today.

“The men who took time to put down the laws for everyone ensured that football took off around the world in an organised and structured way. They were the guardians of the game and I love the idea that the original rules are now described as the DNA of football. That tells you just how important it was when they came together and put pen to paper.”

Jane Clayton, cultural historian from the International Football Institute, University of Central Lancashire who is leading the search said: “This is an important historical search.  We know so much about people who were pioneers in their chosen fields but surprisingly, little is known about the individuals responsible forgifting us the most popular sport in the world.

"We have initiated the historical search and whilst information is limited, we have a good base upon which to work.

"We are confident that by October, through genealogical research and the public’s help, we can trace some of the living descendants of the founding fathers of football.”

England manager, Roy Hodgson added: “We should all recognise not only the sporting contribution that these men have made but the impact that football has had in this country and around the world. 

"Football is part of the fabric of our society and without the vision of these eight men 150 years ago, it may not have come to exist. 

"It is only right that we honour the founding fathers of this nation’s favourite game.”

Supporting the search and appealing for the public’s help, are current England players led by captain Steven Gerrard. Click here for a special video. 

Click here for more of the known details on the Founding Fathers.

To find out more about the search for living descendants of the founding fathers, please visit and if you have any information that can assist, please email