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Olsson visits The Orchard

Sweden defender backs One Albion Disability Awareness project

JONAS Olsson joined forces with The Albion Foundation’s One Albion Disability Awareness project to reward pupils at two Sandwell schools.

The scheme, which is the brainchild of Yvonne Blakemore, sees pupils from Tameside Primary, Wednesbury, support their counterparts at The Orchard School for children with special educational needs, in Oldbury.

The partnership brings Year 6 students together for classes one day every week, with The Albion Foundation providing transport for the children and staff.

Olsson signed autographs and posed for pictures with students from both schools during his tour of the Causeway Green Road site.

Tameside’s special needs coordinator, Yvonne Blakemore, said: “It’s all to do with mentoring the children at this school and giving the children a chance to work with others less fortunate than themselves. 

“It also helps the children to improve their self-esteem.”  

For further information on the One Albion Disability Awareness project email