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Brunt backs step-by-step approach

Skipper tips Baggies to again get it right in transfer market

CHRIS Brunt believes the Baggies’ step-by-step approach to strengthening their Barclays Premier League squad remains the right direction.

Since arriving at The Hawthorns in summer 2007 the Baggies skipper has seen the club gradually rise from the Championship to eighth in the top flight last season.

And he has tipped Albion to get it right in the transfer market again this summer.

“We’ve gone about things steadily and not done anything major too quickly,” said the Northern Ireland international.

“We’ve just built every season and things have improved, and I’d say that’s the best way to do it for a club of our size.

“Everybody wants success as quickly as possible but it’s not just about the football pitch.

“There’s a lot more to the club than just us on a Saturday, and it’s a well-run club for the size of it and the attendances we’ve got.

“The way we do things is definitely the right way for a club of our size.

“It’s all very well throwing a lot of money at it but if it all goes wrong you end up down in the Championship with debt.

“We have seen a lot of teams go back down, struggle financially and not be able to get back up again.

“Since I’ve been here we’ve been down once but we went down knowing we were going to be strong in the Championship and now we’ve come up and established ourselves in the Premier League again."

He added: “No disrespect to anyone that’s been here, but the quality of players here has stepped up as the seasons have gone on and I’m sure that will be no different next season.

“Every summer is big, especially for a club of our size.

“Every summer players move on and the club have to be smart in their decision-making, but in my time here they have done that.

“I’m sure they’ll make the right decisions this year.”