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Brunty's Tour Diary - Part Four

Baggies take to the golf course while Reidy doesn't know the score!

WE were rewarded for our hard work with some free time yesterday afternoon.

And it meant we got the chance to take to the hotel golf course, which has been tantalisingly within view since we arrived in Bad Waltersdorf.

We just thought we were in for swimming in the morning and training in the afternoon.

But we sort of combined that into one session in the morning and were given some time off.

A few of us went down and played a few holes – and it was nice to play golf in the sun rather than scrape around in the cold like we do back home.

We played fourballs, with Dozza and Billy Jones teaming up, and kitmen Pat Frost and Gaz Trevor paired together – I reckon Gaz hit the shot of the day.

My partner was big Gaz McAuley, whose style off the tee resembles John Daly!

It’s not a long course so some of the boys were getting decent scores.

The main thing is it was just nice to do something outside of sitting around and wait for training.

Most of the time the boys are on the internet between sessions to fill the time.

And I think that’s when Reidy had a revelation about the scoreline from Thursday night’s game against Hannover 96.

He popped to the toilet and missed Markus’ goal just before half-time - and it was not until the morning afternoon he discovered the score was 2-1 and not 2-0.

Next time Reidy’s on the bench I’m sure Markus will be encouraging him to go to the toilet in the hope it brings him another goal!

Interest in the second game against Puskas FC Academy is already huge and a group of Hungarian journalists made a three-and-a-half hour trek to come and watch us train and speak to us yesterday morning.

Of course the centre of attention was Zoltan and when I spoke to the journalists I did my best to talk him up - so he owes me one!

He hasn’t changed much in the six years I’ve known him.

Of course he's in his element out here even though he can't play at the moment.

He knows the lingo and he and masseur George Kiss, who used to play for Hungarian team Ferencvaros as well, have been the men to go to if you're struggling to explain something to one of the locals.