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Odemwingie misses Everton trip

Clarke also discusses 'unfortunate' striker situation

PETER Odemwingie has been ruled out of tomorrow’s trip to Everton (ko 7.45pm) after missing training due to family reasons.

The Baggies striker has not been on the practice pitch for three days after being granted permission by the club to spend time with his wife and newborn son, Noah, who is recovering from illness.

Clarke has therefore decided not to include the Nigeria striker in his squad for the Goodison Park encounter.

“Peter hasn’t been in,” said the Albion boss.

“Unfortunately, his newborn son has been back in hospital.

“He returned home yesterday and we gave him another day off today just to make sure everything is okay at home.

“Obviously, we wish him, his wife and the new baby well.

“Because he hasn’t trained with us, he won’t be involved at Everton tomorrow.”

Clarke was quizzed at length at today’s pre-match media conference about QPR’s much-publicised interest in Odemwingie and the player’s subsequent comments on Twitter.

“It’s become an unfortunate situation that didn’t have to develop,” he said.

“QPR have put two bids in for Peter. The club have looked at them and turned them down, feeling that at this time, in this window, the bids weren’t acceptable for us.

“The ball's back in QPR’s court.

“They have to decide if they want to make another bid.

“We can certainly keep Peter because if QPR don’t come up with an offer that is acceptable, you can’t just let a player go.

“The club are entitled to get what they think is a good price for Peter.

“If it doesn’t happen and Peter’s here on February 1, it becomes a different story and there are different bridges that will have to be mended.

“Peter’s comments haven’t helped the situation.

“But I have to say I feel Peter has been really badly advised. I think Harry [Redknapp] eluded to this in his press conference yesterday when he was talking about gang warfare among agents.

“I think there have been a number of things that have gone on behind the scenes that have maybe turned Peter’s head a little bit.

“That’s unfortunate for us, unfortunate for QPR and unfortunate for Peter, because now we have a situation that has developed over the last few days that is not good for anybody.”