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Gera tells Thorne it's all in the head

And Hungary skipper ready to support youngster through first serious injury

ZOLTAN Gera has warned George Thorne the biggest battle he will face in his comeback from the first serious injury of his career will be in his head.

The 20-year-old midfielder underwent a successful knee operation on his damaged anterior cruciate ligament last week and has begun the long road to recovery.

Gera is currently rehabilitating from the same problem and – having gone through the process himself before – has plenty of advice for his junior team-mate.

“I will have lots of time to push him because we will work together," said the Hungary skipper.

“I don’t worry about George because he’s a good professional and a good young player who has just started to play in the first team, and he has the same injury as me.

“It’s not good to have another player injured, but if you’re working together you can push each other and I’m sure it will be good to work with George.

“We will get a race to see who comes back earlier!”

Gera, who overcame the same injury in time for the start of the 2012/13 campaign, added: “I think the most important thing is it’s in your head.

“If you are okay in your head there is no problem.

“Last time six months didn’t seem that long because last time in my mind was one thing – I wanted to come back and play again.

“When you have a little success every week you can go further and do much more than you did a week ago.

“It gives you more confidence and you get better.

“It’s all about the mind – it’s nothing else.

“If you’re a good pro, you do everything the physios ask of you.

“If you do everything they say, the physios are very good here.

“That’s another thing. I’m not worrying about doing the right things on the rehab because I know I’m in very good hands, as is George.

“The doc and physios do a very good job for us.”