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Marco: That's not like me

Saturday's opening scorer apologises for dismissal

MARC-ANTOINE Fortune has apologised for his St Mary’s Stadium red card – and is glad it did not cost his team-mates. 

The former Celtic striker netted the opener and teed up the second in Albion’s 3-0 triumph over Southampton – but was later sent off for pushing Gaston Ramirez in the face. 

And the French Guyanan was quick to apologise for his actions – insisting he was pleased his dismissal did not affect the outcome of the game.      

“First of all I want to apologise because I don’t usually do that,” said Fortune. 

“We won 3-0 and I scored and got an assist so it was a good game for me and for West Brom, but afterwards I know everyone was talking about my red cards.

“People know I’m not a bad guy so I am really frustrated but I just reacted to what the Southampton guy did to Longy.

“He is my team-mate and I am really good friends with Longy.

“When I saw that I just reacted.

“I know it’s not a good reaction but when things like that happen, you are just angry.

“I talked to the referee and said I am not like that and it’s my first red card in four years.

“I shouldn’t have touched his head because someone told me afterwards that anything above his chest is a red card but I didn’t know that.

“I just pushed him gently.

“I didn’t punch him or give him a kick.

“I just wanted to show him that what he did wasn’t good.

“I really feel bad because I had a good game and I wanted to contribute up to the last game of the season but now I will miss out.”

“I wasn’t worried about us winning the game because I trusted my team-mates. 

“We were 2-0 up at ten versus ten so I knew the guys would keep us in front but I was just worried about the sanctions.”