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Odemwingie makes apology

And striker determined to make amends for mad moment

PETER Odemwingie has apologised to the fans, his team-mates and coaching staff for his moment of madness in today’s 3-0 defeat at Fulham.

The Baggies striker was sent-off for reacting angrily to a challenge by Sascha Riether and lashing out at the Cottagers full-back in the 38th minute with his side 1-0 down.

But he says he will learn from the experience and is determined to make amends for his actions once he has served a three-game ban against Reading and Villa in the league and Liverpool in the Capital One Cup.

“I do feel like I’ve let myself down,” said Odemwingie.

“It doesn’t happen often and it really feels very bad.

“I also let my team-mates, the club and fans down.

“I’m sorry to all those fans who travelled down that I handed Fulham a one-man advantage, which is a big advantage in the Premier League.

“I’m very disappointed and I’ve said sorry to the boys and the staff.

“It’s my fault and I regret the outcome of losing my cool.

“It’s not a habit of mine.

“I have to make sure I learn from this and next time someone provokes me I have to react differently and keep my cool.

“I should have just moved on – but in that moment it happened.

“Today for some reason I lost my temper - and of course I regret it.

“The most important thing for me now is to bounce back and compensate my team when I play.

“I’m confident I will pay everyone back with some good games.”

The Nigeria international added: “We’re a united group and I had encouragement from my team-mates just to forget about it.

“Of course I would be more worried if it happened more than a few times in my career.

“I’m just a human being who felt a bit of injustice.

“I couldn’t believe what happened - it all happened very fast.

“I felt a kick on my ankle from behind and then I got angry.

“I wasn’t trying to hurt him, I just wanted to foul so I could stop the game and ask the question of the referee and linesman as to why I didn’t a free-kick for a foul against me when I was kicked on my leg.

“But I did react with too much aggression.”