My Albion Cash Terms & Conditions

17th May

E-credit Terms and Conditions – June 2020 (updated 11 December 2020 and 17 May 2021)

Please note that any unredeemed E-credit provided to you in connection with your 2019/20 Club Season Ticket can now only be used to purchase match and/or season tickets.

  1. Club” means West Bromwich Albion Football Club Limited

By selecting the E-credit option you were credited with the value equivalent to 5/23 of the price you paid for your Club 2019/20 season ticket (or 5/12 if you are a Club 2019/20 half season ticket holder). For the avoidance of doubt where a season ticket holder purchased their season ticket via a loan, the E-credit is based on the price paid for the season ticket and not the overall cost of acquiring finance to purchase the season ticket. By doing so you agree that this option has been selected by you instead of any other options offered by the Club in respect of your 2019/20 season ticket and any games played behind closed doors. 

If you were a Club junior season ticket holder in the 2019/20 season, you confirmed that by selecting this E-credit option you had the consent of your parent / legal guardian to do so.

Your unused E-credit balance can be redeemed against purchases of Club home match tickets and home season tickets that are sold by the Club relating to the Club’s 2021/22 football season via the Club’s online ticketing website.

If at the time of redemption, the cost of your purchase:

  1. is less than your E-credit balance, the unused balance will remain on your E-credit account for use towards future purchases.
  2. exceeds your E-credit balance, the remaining amount must be paid by you using one of the accepted payments methods by the Club.

Limitations of E-credit:

  • You had up to 11.59pm on 16 June 2020 to select to receive E-credit.
  • E-credit and any unused balance cannot be sold or redeemed or exchanged for actual cash.
  • Any unused E-credit balance will expire at 11.59pm on 31 August 2021. The Club reserves the right to extend the expiry date where it deems it appropriate to do so.
  • E-credit will not be replaced if lost, stolen or used without your permission.
  • E-credit cannot be used for any illegal or unauthorised purpose.
  • If you purchase a match ticket using e-credit (either in full or part) and the Club issues a refund in respect of such match ticket:
    • If the refunded match ticket is in your name then you will receive such refund as e-credit (up to the amount of e-credit used to purchase the relevant match ticket) and any remaining refund (if any) will be refunded to the payment card used to purchase the relevant match ticket (if that card has expired then new payment card details (in your name) will need to be provided to the Club to receive such refund);
    • If the refunded match ticket is in the name of a family or friend member linked to your My Albion online account, whether you paid for such match ticket entirely by e-credit or using a mix of e-credit and card payment, then such refund will be issued to a valid payment card in your name provided by you to the Club when the Club communicates with you in respect of such refund;
    • where you were a Club junior season ticket holder in the 2019/20 season, we will need instruction and authorisation from your parent/guardian as to where any relevant refund to a payment card should be made.

The Club will hold and process data relating to you, which may include personal data, for administrative and legal purposes. The personal data that you provide shall be processed, stored and transferred in accordance with the Club’s then current privacy policy available at

The Club reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions and shall notify you of such changes if they materially affect your rights as a consumer.

In addition to any other rights available to the Club, the Club has the right to cancel any order where it suspects or becomes aware that E-credit has been used fraudulently as part of that transaction or where you are not entitled to purchase tickets under the Club’s ticketing terms from time to time. Without liability, the Club reserves the right to correct errors.

Version 3. 17 May 2020