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Ideal Heating x WBA fan league

WBA Ideal Heating Fan League

Albion and Ideal Heating have launched a Fantasy Premier League competition for Baggies fans to enjoy.

All Albion fans are invited to join the ‘IDEAL HEATING x WBA FAN LEAGUE’ which starts from game week 9 and will run until the end of the current Premier League season. 

The overall winner of the competition will secure a truly unique prize and – more importantly – the bragging rights as the top Fantasy Premier League player in the club’s fanbase. 

A Manager of the Month trophy will be awarded to the league’s top performing player for each calendar month.

Join the league now by entering code cadcz3.

Albion fans who already have a Fantasy Premier League team can join the league with their existing squad or create a new one with a fresh account.

Please be aware ‘Chips’, such as ‘Triple Captain’ and ‘Free Hit’, that have already been used by existing players will not be available when joining the IDEAL HEATING X WBA FAN LEAGUE with their current team.

The deadline to get involved in time for game-week 9 fixtures is 11am on Saturday, November 21.

Step by step guide:

*If you already have a Fantasy Premier League account and team sign in and skip to step 7.

1. Head to 

2. Create an account (if you already have an account sign in)

3. You will receive an email asking you to activate your new Premier League account – do so using the button in the email.

4. Sign in to

5. Select your squad

6. Enter your squad and input your team name

7. Select ‘Leagues’ from the menu bar

8. Select ‘Create & join new leagues’

9. Select ‘Join a league’ under ‘Join an existing league’

10. Select ‘Join a private league’

11. Input the code cadcz3 into the box and click ‘Join league’

You are now in the league!