Facebook & Instagram

1st October

You can now raise funds for the Foundation through Facebook and Instagram. You can start to fundraise in two ways.

  • Click here to go to The Albion Foundation Facebook page
  • Under the Fundraisers section click ‘Raise Money’
  • Fill in the form to confirm the following information
  • How much you want to raise
  • The currency you want to raise in
  • The end of the fundraiser
  • The title of the Fundraiser
  • Some background information into why you are raising the money
  • It will default to an Albion Foundation image but you can change this if you would like
  • Click Create

You will then be invited to share your Fundraiser page by inviting friends, sharing to your timeline or groups or to make your own donation to the cause.

If you need to make changes to your fundraising page click the three dots at the top of the page and select Edit Fundraiser or End Fundraiser.

You can also share a fundraiser direct from your own profile

  • Start a post on Facebook and in the bottom right corner you’ll see three dots, click on these and more options will appear. Click on Raise Money.
  • Or go to your Instagram profile page and click to start a new post from the top right corner. Select Fundraise
  • In the search bar type in Albion Foundation and select us from the options.
  • Write a status explaining your fundraising, what you are doing, why you are doing it. Tell your followers why you'd like them to support the Albion Foundation.

Share your post and it will appear on your connections’ timeline and on your profile page. People can click the Donate button and select the amount they would like to donate with the option to set whether the donation is made public on Facebook or kept private.

When you’re donating to a fundraiser on Facebook don’t forget to Gift Aid if you are eligible!