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Win a painting of The King

Win a painting of The King

Fancy getting your hands on an original painting of The King? Who wouldn’t!

As you may have seen, Baggies fan and professional artist Mark Ward is selling a limited edition run of prints of his original painting ‘Pereira’ inspired by the iconic Matheus Pereira celebration pose from the win at Wolves in January.

The first 50 of them are signed by Matheus himself, and Mark has now revealed that every purchase of a print will act as a ‘raffle’ entry, automatically entering the buyer into a draw to win an original painting of Jeff Astle - which can be seen above.

All proceedings from the prints are being split between The Albion Foundation and The Jeff Astle Foundation, with a target of £10,000 set.

The Black Country-born artist, said: “The Albion Foundation does fantastic work with the community, the disabled community and for youngsters, and, as ‘The King’ Jeff Astle is literally part of the life blood of Albion’s history and The Hawthorns, I wanted to make sure The Jeff Astle Foundation, and the amazing work they are doing, benefits from the fundraising as well.”

Pereira painting

The 50 prints which have been signed by both Pereira and the artist are available on a first-come, first-served basis and there are very few remaining - so don’t miss out!

The rest will be signed, numbered and certificated by the artist. These prints, also acting as raffle entries for the Jeff Astle painting, are available to purchase directly via Mark's website.

You can bid in an auction for the original Pereira painting (due to end at noon on Saturday, May 1) here.

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