Tough Enough To Care deliver a workshop to our Team Talk participants.

Team Talk participants

Stuart Bratt from Tough Enough to Care delivered a workshop to our Team Talk participants around mental health. Learning about key mental health information, triggers to be aware of and how to engage with those struggling with their mental health.

Ryan, the lead TAF coach on the session quoted "we've had Stuart from Tough enough to Care come and deliver a very inspirational and informative workshop that's really engaged our participants and offered them some really useful advice on how to support themselves, and how to be an option to their friends and family's mental health"

Craig who attended the session quoted “The workshop was really enjoyable. It got me thinking about conversations in the past where it may have been a trigger to listen and now a recent manager at work it also gave me the knowledge of signs for those that need help”.

Mitchell who also attended said “Really interesting talk, I’ve learnt about how to support others with their mental health”.

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