School thanks Foundation for ‘overwhelming’ food parcel support

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Sandwell schools will continue to benefit from The Albion Foundation’s “overwhelming” support thanks to the launch of the Hawthorns Christmas Meals programme.

Schools across the borough have identified families who are require support during the pandemic with the Foundation on hand to deliver food parcels to those in need.

The initiative has formed part of the charity’s wider food parcels and hot meals project, with Foundation staff delivering more than 70,000 packages to vulnerable members of the community since March.

The help from the Foundation has been “overwhelming” for families involved, says Safeguarding Officer at Hall Green Primary School, Rebecca Paddock.

“The Foundation being able to offer that support has just been overwhelming for us and our families,” said Rebecca.

“It’s helped us to support those families that have been in real need over the last few months and we can go to them with some real, practical support.

“For a lot of them it’s taken away a lot of the stress and burdens that may have been caused by a change in finances, parents facing redundancy or bereavement or illness of a loved one.

“For families, it’s reassuring to have a Foundation food parcel each week so they don’t have to worry and stress about going food shopping,” she said.

The food support is set to continue through the Christmas period as Albion’s official charity has launched their Hawthorns Christmas Meals programme.

The programme is set to help make sure that vulnerable members of the community don’t go without vital nutrition throughout the festive period, and you can make a difference.

Just £5 is enough to provide a vulnerable family with a seven-day food parcel, while £10 will feed a local family for a fortnight and £20 for the entire festive period.

Text TAF5 to 70470 to donate £5, TAF10 to donate £10, and TAF20 to donate £20 to the Hawthorns Christmas Meals programme*. Alternatively, you can donate via JustGiving here.

*Texts cost your donation amount plus one standard rate message.

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