An insight into adapted PE lessons with new safety measures

Foundation PE Lesson

Coaches at The Albion Foundation have been hard at work to adapt their school delivery to keep pupils and young people safe in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Foundation have still been working in their partner schools to deliver P.E. to primary school children across the West Midlands, but lessons have been altered to fit with government and school guidance.

During the lockdown period, the Foundation provided free, online P.E. lessons to their partner schools but since the return of the academic year, lessons have been delivered in person in schools once again.

And as Community Coach at the Foundation, Keaton Landucci explains, the key to the adapted lessons is all in the preparation.

"Preparation is the major thing at the moment," said Keaton.

"You've got to make sure you're prepared for your lessons and what you need. Some schools are in bubbles and keeping a social distance, we still have to keep our distance between the kids but the kids don't have to keep a distance between themselves because they're in their collective bubble at the moment," he said.

The lessons are adapted to avoid unneccesary contact between pupils, but equipment is needed to be thoroughly cleaned after each lesson.

"Every piece of equipment we use, we clean it after each lesson. Whether you've got a five minute break you still have to clean it before the next lesson or if not we always prepare two sets," explained Keaton.

Keaton was also full of praise for his partner school, Bleakhouse Primary School, for their commitment to P.E. delivery.

"Bleakhouse have been brilliant. They've been fantastic because they've allowed me to still have that freedom of teaching my lesson without it being so driven by Covid," he said.

"Yes it's a priority and a focus to make sure we are all safe within our lessons but learning still has to take place," concluded Keaton.

In terms of how schools are dealing with their P.E. delivery during the pandemic, Assistant Head and P.E. Lead at Bleakhouse Primary School, Aysha Martin explains.

"We're sticking to the bubbles, so P.E. is only delivered with a year group bubble, we're cleaning equipment in between bubbles and we're doing P.E. outside as much as possible, whatever the weather," said Aysha.

And with the Foundation's help, the pupils are still able to enjoy their P.E. lessons in spite of the current climate.

"Keaton has been really creative with the lessons that he's delivering so the children haven't noticed any difference," said Aysha.

"The children are having fun and being physical, to me, that's P.E. and the children love it so that's enough for me.

"With The Albion Foundation, we've always found the quality of P.E. fantastic, the knowledge of the staff is incredible," she said.

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