Get Fit to Give Back to continue into February!

TAF Get fit to give back

After being a brilliant success during the month of January, The Albion Foundation's 'Get Fit to Give Back' initiative has been extended to incorporate February.

The fitness programme encourages people to set themselves a target of moving 25, 50, 100 or 150 miles throughout the month with prize incentives at the end if they achieve their goal.

Those that take part can complete their miles by walking, running, cycling or swimming and will receive a certificate and a medal if they manage to achieve their target and raise £25 in sponsorship for the Foundation.

In January, participants have collectively travelled over 7,000 miles, and raised a total of over £1,500.

If you took part in January, see if you can beat your total this month!

If you're new to the programme, see if you can set a goal and smash it by the end of the month!

You can decide to compete against a friend, or you can decide to try and beat your own, personal goal.

If you are new to the challenge and didn't take part in January, sign up by clicking here.

If you took part in January and would like to take part again in February, please email

Participants will need to log their miles on Strava and join our private group on the app. You can join the group by clicking here.

Individuals will also need to create their own JustGiving fundraising page linked to the Foundation, you can do that by clicking here.

For any more questions, please email

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