Carlos Corberán speaks ahead of Millers match at The Hawthorns

Carlos Corberán wearing a black Albion coat

Carlos Corberán believes despite detailed preparation, the key to earning a positive result against Rotherham United will be analysing and adapting to the challenge live on Wednesday night. 

The Millers had their relegation to Sky Bet League One confirmed on Friday night, losing 1-0 at home to Plymouth Argyle.

Corberán’s team, on the other hand, have their sights set on securing what would be a crucial three points as the pursuit of a place in the Sky Bet Championship play-offs intensifies with five matches remaining. 

The boss says he’s unsure how Rotherham’s relegation will impact the visitors’ mindset or approach to the contest at The Hawthorns, but insists they’ve done as much planning as possible to give themselves the best chance of ending the night victorious.

Carlos Corberán applauds Albion fans after the game against Stoke City

Carlos said: “Every game in this league is a challenge. It’s a challenge because you are going to try and do things, while, on the other hand, the opponent is going to try to stop you from doing these things.

“Every game we have to be so focused to do the things that we know help us win games.

“There is no difference in the games because it’s always the same. One opponent will show one type of behaviour. Another will show a different type of behaviour. What you need to do is understand what they are trying to do.

“I have been watching Rotherham games where they have been playing with a line of four at the back and others where they play with a line of five. If you were to ask me which they will play with on Wednesday, I can only say that I don’t know. 

Carlos Corberán delivering information to his players on the side of the pitch against Stoke City

“I’ve watched games where they’ve been more attack-minded and others where they’ve been focused more on defending. 

“Their position in the table, will it affect the way they approach the game? You can say yes or no. Who knows.

“What you have to do is plan and prepare as best as possible for the possibilities.

“The key is how we analyse the game tomorrow, live. Everything that we do on Monday and Tuesday is in preparation. The better preparation we have, the better chance we have of understanding the game.

“However, what we prepare for might not happen. Football is about preparation, but it’s also about adaptation.”

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