Albion's Basketball players celebrate season with virtual awards evening

Albion’s basketball teams enjoyed an end of season awards night with a difference as they celebrated a successful year from the comfort of their own homes.

Connecting via Zoom, the teams joined together to reflect on the past season and recognise the achievements of each other during that time.

The full list of award winners can be found below.

U13 WBA D-Squad

Players' Player - Ryan Hayles

Coach’s Player – Ali Munir

Most Valuable Player – Enzi Palmer-Green & Ryan Hayles

Defensive Player of the year – Ethan Sinclair

Most Improved Player of the year - Ryan Hayles

Rookie of the Year – Javier Wickman

Sixth Man – Manveer Sohal

U14 WBA National League

Players’ Player - Clayton Mpiana

Coach’s Player – Dylan Upton

Most Valuable Player – Clayton Mpiana

Most Improved Player – Lucas Dhilion

Defensive Player of the Year – Ishe Allen & Victor Emerem

Rookie of the Year – Amit Rajput

Sixth Man – Jaiden Moesson

U15 WBA D-Squad

Players’ Player - Joel Rhooms

Coach’s Player – Jaeden Comrie

Most Valuable Player - Joel Rhooms

Most Improved Player – Hashim Ali

Defensive Player of the Year – Kieron Fletcher

Rookie of the Year – Destiny Eguagie

Sixth Man – Victory Eguagie

U16 WBA National League

Players’ Player - Leo Ramatlo

Coach’s Player – Leo Ramatlo

Most Valuable Player – Joshua Adetuberu

Most Improved Player – Joel Rhooms

Defensive Player of the Year – Brian Okezeze Okoya

Rookie of the Year - Shaquille Chileshe

Sixth Man of the Year - Shaquille Chileshe

U17 WBA D-Squad

Players’ Player - Williams Emela

Coach’s Player – Omar Yafai

Most Valuable Player – Williams Emela

Most Improved Player – Dereece Davis

Defensive Player of the Year – Yami Ajuti

Rookie of the Year – Ashley Bryant

Sixth Man - Omar Yafai

U18 WBA National League

Players’ Player – Dylan Lester

Coach’s Player – David Eboye

Most Valuable Player – James Graham

Most Improved Player – Joesph Ball

Defensive Player of the Year – James Graham

Rookie of the Year – Dylan Lester

Sixth Man – Shaquille Chileshe

Post 16 Dudley College

Players’ Player – Donte Parry

Coach’s Player – David Bonfield

Most Valuable Player – Jose Rebel

Most Improved Player – Donte Parry

Defensive Player of the Year – Jacob Perry

Rookie of the Year – Lewis Falconer

Sixth Man – Patryk Piwowar

Senior Men WBA D-Squad

Players’ Player - Rabi Kisanga 

Coach’s Player – Shamsher Singh

Most Valuable Player – Rabi Kisanga & Ranulf Evans

Most Improved Player – Ash Mpofu

Defensive Player of the Year – Deric Eze

Rookie of the Year – Laureano Costa

Sixth Man – Dylan Lester

WLV Albion Division 3 Men National League

Players’ Player - Landry Mayinga

Coach’s Player – Adam Jenkins

Most Valuable Player – Landry Mayinga

Most Improved Player – Cliff Mangena

Defensive Player of the Year – Ramone Joseph

Rookie of the Year – Reece Turner

Sixth Man – Stanley Nwenwu

Congratulations to all the award winners and participants who have made it another memorable campaign for Albion Basketball.