‘Fantastic’ disabled facilities ‘make you want to come again’

Birmingham City fans have heaped praise on Albion’s “fantastic” facilities for disabled supporters as the Baggies throw their weight behind Level Playing Field’s Weeks of Action campaign.

Accessiblues, Birmingham’s Disabled Supporters’ Club, visited The Hawthorns recently to tour facilities which are available to all away visitors.

And the Blues contingent say the standards set at The Hawthorns are unrivalled elsewhere in the football community.

Accessiblues Chairman, Steve Portman, said: “I’ve not really seen facilities that are as good as here [The Hawthorns] at any other away ground, especially not facilities that are shared with away fans.

“Other clubs will have facilities but the facilities are normally in the home end which makes it inaccessible to away supporters. It makes you want to come [here] again, it makes you feel that an away game doesn’t have to be so stressful. You don’t have to worry so much about what you’re going to find when you get to the stadium.”

Accessiblues member, Brenda Brown, added: “It’s really fantastic what West Bromwich Albion are doing for the fans. I think it’s a great help, especially when you’ve got the toilets, the sensory room. It’s really good for people with disabilities. I think it’s lovely and I think all football grounds should have something like the Baggies.”

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