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‘Let’s hit the ground running’ - Mark Jenkins

Albion aim to use the disappointment of relegation as the start-point for a new and progressive journey back to the Premier League.

Despite the spirited revival in recent weeks under caretaker coach and April’s Premier League Manager of the Month, Darren Moore, the Baggies' eight-season run at the top of English football came to an end following Southampton’s victory at Swansea.

Now Chief Executive Mark Jenkins says the Club will endeavour to “hit the ground running” during a summer which he also admits will present significant challenges.

In a direct message to supporters, Mark says: “We acknowledge that this has been a season which has tested the patience and loyalty of our fans - but it is a test they have once more passed with flying colours.

“To witness the backing the team received and feel the sense of pride returning to The Hawthorns has given everyone connected with Albion renewed energy for the challenge ahead.

“It’s a big challenge. But it can also provide us with an exciting opportunity to rejuvenate the club and write some exciting new chapters in Albion’s story.

“We have much to do this summer to get us in the right shape for our immediate target of making as swift a return as possible to the Premier League. 

"But we intend to hit the ground running starting tomorrow when we shall be announcing season ticket details which I hope will be seen as a statement of intent. 

“Relegation stings us all but the hurt is all the more damaging if we do not learn from the mistakes which have brought us to this point. It is my task to ensure that happens.

“Finally, I would like to add a special word of thanks to Darren Moore for the contribution he and his staff have made in restoring our pride in such difficult circumstances.

“Darren has reminded us of what this great old club is all about. He has spoken from the heart of family, of unity and a togetherness of purpose and duty. 

"We have all responded and in this moment of huge disappointment felt the first flickers of the revival we shall now pursue. 

“Thank you again for staying with us during a difficult part of the club’s journey. A new one now begins and I genuinely believe it is one we can approach with positive energy.”

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