Manish Patel named Fans' Champion

28th March

MANISH Patel, who is set to run three marathons and an indoor triathlon for The Albion Foundation, has been named Fans' Champion for Albion's fixture against Burnley on Saturday.

You can donate to Manish’s efforts by clicking here.

Manish is a huge Albion fan, and has been inspired to raise money for The Albion Foundation because of the brilliant work that they do, and he hopes that you can help his cause.

“I have a huge amount of respect for the people from the Foundation," said Manish.

"They go out there to want to help make a difference and to really inspire people.

“You would be donating to a fantastic cause that is The Albion Foundation because you really can help make a difference to improve the lives of not just people within local communities, but also globally as well.”

Another reason that Manish is determined to raise funds for the Foundation, is that when he was a child, he was given a lot of support which proved to be vital for him - and he hopes that he can help the charity replicate this with many youngsters.

“During my early childhood times, I required extra educational support and it was a very difficult time for me. 

“I can't imagine where I would be right now without that support.”

Watch the video above to see Manish talking about his challenge ahead.

For more information on the work that The Albion Foundation do, or to find out how you can help to fundraise for the charity, please contact

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