J-Rod pays a visit to Junior Assembly

JAY Rodriguez visited Albion's Junior Assembly this week, as the group look for new young supporters to join them and voice their opinion on Club matters.

The Junior Assembly offers a unique opportunity for young supporters to experience what goes on behind the scenes at the Club and meet with senior members of staff to have a valuable input into what happens in the future for Albion.

Dave Moore, The Albion Foundation's Primary Coordinator believes it is an opportunity that money can't buy.

"We are looking for new members and fresh ideas for our Junior Assembly.

"In the two years it has been going they have met players, the Chairman, the Chief Executive and they have been given a tour of the stadium and the training ground.

"To get that first hand experience at the club that they all support and love, it's priceless."

Albion striker Jay Rodriguez was similarly impressed, and said it is important that the young supporters have their voice heard.

"It was nice to meet everyone and listen to their views on how they can improve the Club," said Rodriguez.

"The young supporters are the future and they will be coming to games for years to come, so it is very important to listen to their opinions and views and take it on board."

The concept of the Junior Assembly is to keep the Club connected to their young supporters and search for ways to improve the Club's services.

"We want to hear what young people want, as they are growing up in a world where social media is very prevalent so they can see what everyone else is doing," said Megan McBurnie, Albion's Marketing Manager.

"They get a unique insight into the football club that no other young person who is a supporter is going to get."

Jake Bland has enjoyed being part of the Assembly, who meet every month.

"I would encourage anyone who is thinking of joining the Junior Assembly to do so," said Jake.

"I have really enjoyed seeing the work that goes on behind the scenes."

For more information on how to join the Junior Assembly, please contact

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