GALLERY: WBA host first walking football tournament

AN ever-growing team, WBA Walking Football excelled themselves once more as they hosted their first ever walking football tournament.

A walking football team that started with just four participants, WBA Walking Football now boast a much stronger squad, and played host to a tournament with four teams competing. WBA nearly came out on top of the pile too, but came second on goal difference by a single goal.

“In the last 12 months, we have trebled the amount of players that we have in our team,” said Chris Price, a Disability Coach at The Albion Foundation.

“For us, this is the start of what I hope will be an incredible journey for us and The Albion Foundation’s opportunities for over 60s.

“I’ve seen it grow a lot in the last 12 months, and there is no limitations to how much it can grow. There is plans to expand our walking football to another two venues.”

Along with WBA Walking Football there were two sides from Weston-super-Mare FC, and another team that The Albion Foundation also work with, Portway Lifestyle Centre, which is where the tournament was hosted. WBA hope that this will be the first tournament of many.

“I’m hoping that we can start playing in a league,” said Lewis Gadd, a WBA Walking Football player.

“We play in a church hall at the moment, which is great, but it’s nice to get out and play other teams.

“I’ve been there from day one and we had about four people there. We are progressing, and it will keep progressing. 

Many of the players involved in walking football find that it has positive effects on their lifestyles, improving their health and their social lives.

“Walking football gives us a sense of community and there is great camaraderie - it’s fantastic,” said Doug Hill, from Weston-super-Mare FC Walking Football.

“It’s brilliant that WBA have held their first fixtures today, and it’s nice to be part of that.

“Walking football is about bridging communities. It is more than just a game of football.”

Take a look at the above gallery to see some action shots from the tournament.

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