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Alistair Robertson stars once more in China

ALBION legend Alistair Robertson is on his way back from a whirlwind trip to China where he re-traced his steps of 40 years ago.

Ally was invited by Club owner Guochuan Lai to attend a special ceremony at the British Embassy in Beijing to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Albion’s famous breakthrough trip to China in 1978.

The big man was, of course, a key figure on that unbeaten tour but returned for the first time this week to find a very different Chinese capital thriving.

He was accompanied by our Chief Commercial Officer Simon King who says: “Ally was in great form and throughly enjoyed the visit.

“He was introduced to veterans of the Chinese teams Albion played against on that trip and also asked to give his memories of that time.

“It was a very successful event and Ally was a superb ambassador for the Club.”

The anniversary event was organised by Palm to launch a new charitable partnership with the China Children and Teenagers Fund.

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