'68 skipper looking forward to celebration 'golden time'

ALBION's FA Cup-winning captain Graham Williams can't wait to see team-mates and supporters remember an historic moment side by side.

The Club launched its 1968 FA Cup anniversary dinner last week, with May marking 50 years since an iconic moment in our history.

Our cup-winning heroes will grace The Hawthorns for a unique occasion. And you can be there alongside them to relive the famous Wembley triumph.

Every member of Alan Ashman's team will be represented at the three-course dinner, with a special presentation prepared for the boys of '68.

And skipper Williams says he's "delighted" to be able to share in the celebration with both friends and fans.

"I'm delighted that the Club is going to commemorate the 50th anniversary of our most recent FA Cup win," he said. "Not the last notice, just the most recent, because we will win it again one day!

"It will be great to have most of the team all back together again for the occasion to tell all the old stories from what was a great time at the Albion – and we will also be remembering the boys who sadly can't be with us too in Jeff, Ossie and Chippy.

"Fifty years is a special anniversary of a golden time in all our lives and this is perhaps the last time that all of us will be together again. I'm told there are going to be a few special surprises in store for everyone too, so it's a fantastic night in prospect.

"What would make it more special would be the chance to celebrate that great day one last time with the supporters, so it would be great to see plenty of fans at the dinner. It hasn't been a great year to be an Albion fan, but at least we can end the season with a special celebration!"

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